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Employment Lawyers Near Me: When Will You Need San Francisco Employment Lawyers?

You may be wondering, “when will I need San Francisco employment lawyers near me?” when a dispute arises between you and your workplace. Those disputes could relate to pay. For example, perhaps you haven’t received overtime pay, your employer is withholding payment as retaliation for something else. Or, you may be experiencing harassment or discrimination that amounts to bullying when it’s your legal right to work safely and securely.

Navigating Complex Employment Laws in San Francisco With Colby Law Firm

You don’t just get San Francisco employment lawyers with Colby Law. You also get a source of knowledge. Somebody who can guide you through the complex regulations put forth by the labor board, help you concentrate your case to focus on its key points, and be your advocate when taking on large companies.
We help you confront major issues like harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and more. It all starts with a free case evaluation that allows us to learn more about your case.

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Our Specialization

Cases We Handle: Expertise of Our Employment Lawyers in San Francisco

When you work with the best employment lawyer San Francisco has to offer, you have the power to respond when your work rights are violated. Our employment lawyers handle cases related to the following issues:

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Harassment and Discrimination Claims

Harassment occurs when you’re facing persistent and unwanted behavior in the workplace. If that harassment is based on a personal characteristic, such as your race, religion, or gender, your employer is also discriminating against you. That means it’s time to contact a San Francisco employment discrimination lawyer.

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Wrongful Termination and Retaliation Disputes

An employment discrimination lawyer in San Francisco can help you with claims related to employer retaliation and wrongful termination. Either can occur when your employer enforces workplace sanctions without legal sue cause. Discover how to schedule your free case evaluation to discuss the issue.

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Overtime and Unpaid Wages Laws

In San Francisco, you’re legally entitled to receive overtime payment when you’ve worked over a certain amount of time. Furthermore, you are always entitled to payment for the hours you work. If an employer is withholding your wages, for any reason, you need a San Francisco employment law attorney.

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Hourly or Salary Pay Structures

Disputes relating to pay can include an employer failing to pay the minimum wage, wrongful termination without the pay you’re owed, and hour violations in which the employer doesn’t pay for hours worked. Work with a San Francisco labor attorney to recover your rightful earnings.

Breaks and Expenses Regulations

Breaks and expense claims are both enshrined in California law. If you’re not receiving the breaks you’re supposed to receive, or your employer is refusing to pay for work-related expenses, you may have a legal case with which a San Francisco employment law attorney can help.

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Independent Contractor Agreements

The contract you sign with an employer as an independent contractor defines your employer’s duties regarding payment and your hours worked. If you’re facing issues with employers defying that contract, a Colby Law San Francisco employment law attorney is here to help.

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Prosecuting Employment Claims

Any workplace injury or liability issue you face when working is a potential case you can bring against your employer. Make sure you get the right advice – and a team that can prosecute on your behalf – by scheduling a free case evaluation with a Colby Law employment lawyer in San Francisco.

Why Choose Colby Law Firm as Your Trusted Employment Law Firm in San Francisco?

Colby Law covers the full range of employment law issues, from job seeking to wrongful termination. But why should you choose Colby Law Firm?

  • Our no-win, no-fee approach means you face no risk when raising a claim.
  • We offer a free case evaluation with a lawyer specializing in San Francisco employment law so you can see if you have a case.
  • Colby Law is your advocate and support when you’re confronting major corporations.
  • We personalize our services because we know that every employment law case is different.

Most importantly, our founder, Aaron Colby, spent 15 years of his career working on the employer’s side of employment law disputes. We understand the tactics employers use. That experience and expertise put you in the best possible position to win your case.

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Free Case Evaluation: Speak to Our Employment Lawyers in San Francisco Today

If you believe your rights as an employee have been compromised, Colby Law is ready to help. Schedule your free confidential case evaluation with one of our San Francisco employment lawyers today, and we’ll explain your rights – per California law – and provide guidance on how to pursue your legal claim.

Call 818.253.1559 or use the contact form below to schedule your risk-free case evaluation.

    Submit Your Free Case Evaluation With Our Top Employment Lawyers

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    Get Legal Advice on Employee Rights and Labor Laws in San Francisco

    In addition to serving as your representatives and advocates in court, Colby Law offers legal advice to steer you in the right direction when making your claim. Our extensive experience – backed by our founder’s experience with working “on the other side” – ensures you understand your rights as an employee inside and out before we raise your case.

    No Win, No Fee: Our Commitment to Your Employment Dispute

    Our lawyers commit to your employment dispute by offering free legal advice. San Francisco’s workers need guidance when they believe they’ve been wronged, which is why we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. If we fail to launch a successful case against your employer, you don’t pay a dollar.

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    Contact Colby Law Firm: Your Dedicated Employment Lawyers Serving San Francisco

    Let us help you resolve your workplace dispute and get the legal support you need to understand complex employment and labor laws. Schedule a free case evaluation with Colby Law – we’ll support you with an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer.


    What California Says About Our Employment Lawyers


    Our Certifications Claim Our Extensive Expertise in San Francisco Employment Law

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    Our Certifications Claim Our Extensive Expertise in Employment Law

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    Why Choose

    Colby Law Firm

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    Aaron Colby is a California employment lawyer who knows how to resolve disputes. After 15 years representing companies, he started Colby Law Firm to represent employees. Aaron’s perspective and experience from being “on the other side” gives him an edge. Aaron brings his practical, focused, and relentless approach to helping employees protect their rights.

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    Aaron Colby
    Lead Attorney and Founder Colby Law